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Field Cleanup Day

Hello Folks,

    We will be having our Field Cleanup Day on Saturday May 5th, starting at 930AM.  We are hoping to get as many folks as possible to come out and help. The more people we get, the less time it takes to get the fields ready to be used. We have a pretty extensive list of things that need to get done before we can get out there and use the diamonds, so please come and help if you can. With the amount of rain we have had recently as well, we need to make sure the fields are playable before we can get out there and use them.


Thank you!

by posted 04/23/2018
Welcome to NTNLL

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Welcome to the North Tonawanda National Little League,

Please read below for some guidelines as you prepare for the season. We are focused on safety and ask that you follow the guidelines below when visiting NTNLL.

1. Parking for parents and coaches is limited to 2 areas at NTNLL. You may park in the lot by Field #3, or you may park in the lot by the DMV. You cannot park along Sikora Drive, or on the grass. The 6 spots outside the clubhouse are for Concessions and Handicapped only. Please observe the parking rules at NTNLL and help make the park safer and more enjoyable for all. AGAIN, THERE IS NO PARKING ON THE GRASS, ESPECIALLY BETWEEN THE CLUBHOUSE AND WHEATFIELD ST. THIS IS A SAFETY HAZARD FOR OUR PATRONS, PARK IN THE LOT AND WALK TO THE DIAMONDS.

2. There is no smoking or consumption of alcohol while on the grounds. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes and Vapor devices, as well as the consumption of non-alcoholic beers!

3. Any abuse of an umpire, whether by a player, coach or fan will be dealt with swiftly and that person will be ejected from the park.

4. Our fields are enclosed. That means coaches must be inside the dugout during play and are not permitted inside the gates. Only base coaches are allowed and must be in the coaches box. No on deck batters except for Field #4.This includes all house, travel {Boys of Summer, Clarence, etc...} and tournament games being played at NTNLL. The gates must be closed before play can begin. For Squirt and Peewee house games, we do allow coaches on the field.

5. Please be aware of the areas where we are trying to replace the grass. Make sure to avoid those areas and do not allow your children to play there.

6. Do not climb the fences, or trees. Not only is this a safety issue, we are trying to keep the park looking nice.

7. Please discuss with your teams the importance of cleaning the dugout during and after games. We are not here to pick up after you, and coaches will be notified if they choose to ignore this.

8. When driving on Sikora Drive, please keep it under 10 MPH. People have been speeding through and we have kids crossing that street all day long. Please be respectful of others as you arrive.

9. Please try to avoid bringing in outside food and beverage, especially when the concession stand is open. We are a volunteer organization and depend on concessions to help raise money for important projects at NTNLL.

10. Most importantly, win or lose, please have fun and spend your time encouraging your players, and don't worry about what the other team is doing, or what call the umpire made. If you would like to assist with coaching or umpiring, we are always looking for the help!


Thank you for helping keep our park safe for all!


by posted 05/05/2017
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